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How to Register for Telkomsel Emergency Packages in Urgent Conditions

Gadgetren – If you run out of credit or data packages even though we are in a hurry to quickly access internet services, make calls, or send SMS, the Telkomsel Emergency Package can be a solution.

For those of you who don’t know, the Emergency Package is a Telkomsel product line which consists of internet, telephone and SMS packages at the same time which can be activated first while payment is made during the next top up.

By activating the Telkomsel Emergency Package, we can also surf the internet again, make phone calls, or send short messages as usual. But don’t forget that later your credit will be deducted automatically when you top up because you are counted as having a forest to Telkomsel.

Emergency Credit is available for all Telkomsel Prepaid customers. However, as a condition, the number must be more than 60 days old and have filled in credit at least once with a nominal value of IDR 5,000 in the last 3 months to be able to enjoy this feature.

If we fulfill this, we have the opportunity to activate the Emergency Package even though its availability will be adjusted according to Telkomsel’s criteria and policies. Here are some ways to do it for those of you who can’t yet.

How to Register for Telkomsel Emergency Packages

Via the MyTelkomsel Application

  • Download the MyTelkomsel application
  • Open the application to get the Emergency Package
  • Login with your Telkomsel number and verify if you haven’t already
  • Enter the tab Shop
  • Search section Special Packages for You
  • Tap See all to see all package options
  • Open a category Emergency Package
  • Select the Emergency Package that you want to activate
  • Tap the button Buy one time
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  • Select an option Loan (without fees)
  • Tap the button Loan

Activating the Telkomsel Emergency Package, one of which can be done via MyTelkomsel. Those of you who don’t have this application can download it from Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store for free according to the operating system of the cellphone used.


  • Access the phone call menu (dialpad)
  • Write code *505#
  • Tap the button Call
  • Select an option Emergency Package
  • Select the desired Emergency Package
  • Select Buy it
    How to Register for Telkomsel Emergency Packages - 2

Telkomsel Emergency Package can also be purchased via UMB (USSD Menu Browser) *505#. What needs to be remembered, the selection of menus or options in this service must be done by entering the appropriate number and then pressing the button Send. The placement can also change at any time, so pay attention to the text from the available menu.


  • Open the Telkomsel Emergency Package offer SMS from number 5050
  • Reply to the message according to the instructions in it
  • Wait for a reply from number 5050

To register for the Telkomsel Emergency Package, we can also do it via SMS. It’s just that we need to remember that this method only applies when we get an offer message from 5050 because it runs out of credit and meets the criteria.

By Phone

  • Make sure the credit balance runs out
  • Use the number to call someone
  • If you meet the criteria, we will later receive an Emergency Package offer
  • Press the button 1 to approve activation
  • Wait for notifications from voice messages or SMS before use

Phone calls can also be used to activate the Telkomsel Emergency Package. But like via SMS, we have to get an offer first so we can activate it, where the steps are more or less the same as above.

Through the Telkomsel Official Site

  • Wait for offers from Telkomsel through various digital services such as WhatsApp
  • If you get it, visit the page
  • Search and select the desired Emergency Package offer
  • Tap the button Continue
  • Verify using the OTP code sent via SMS
  • Select OTP verification
  • On the payment method selection page, click Borrow (no fees)

We can also activate the Telkomsel Emergency Package through the official Telkomsel website which can be visited directly via a browser. It’s just that this can be done if you have received offers from them through various digital channels such as WhatsApp.

The availability of Emergency Packages unfortunately varies for each customer. The Telkomsel system will adjust it based on the criteria and policies they have. Therefore not all customers can enjoy it because it depends on Telkomsel’s policies.

What is certain is that if you receive an SMS or notification that the Telkomsel Emergency Package is available for use when your credit runs out, you can register it as long as you agree that your credit will be deducted the next time you top up.

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