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How to reduce the size of a PDF so that it can be uploaded or sent according to the maximum limit

Gadgetren – Many companies, agencies, and organizations have now used a registration system with the process of receiving registration documents in PDF format as a requirement.

It’s just that it can’t be denied that some of them seem to apply the maximum file size limitation rule. The goal is to lighten the workload of servers and data management systems owned.

Instead of being able to send or upload files at will, we also need to consider these provisions. We have to work a little extra to make the required document size not exceed the maximum limit.

If it exceeds, we certainly need to compress the file so that it conforms to the conditions applied. The size limit of each service, of course, varies in this case, but we can usually see it in the written MB or KB description.

The good news is, reducing or compressing the size of a PDF file is not a difficult thing these days. There are various services that can be used to do this either by using a mobile phone or computer.

How to Shrink Or Compress PDF Size

On Mobile

  • Install the Smallpdf app
  • Login or create an account if needed
  • On the main page, tap the button Add (ikon Plus)
  • Select the menu Files
  • Find the file you want to compress
  • Select the file
    How to Reduce PDF Size - 1
  • Wait for the app to load the file
  • After successfully loading, click More options next to file
  • Select the menu Compress
  • Choose the type of compress you want to use
    How to Reduce PDF Size - 2
  • Wait for the new file to appear on the main page
  • Tap the button More options next to the file
  • Select the menu Save to device to save file to device
  • Change the name if needed
  • Tap the button Save
    How to Reduce PDF Size - 3

The Smallpdf application itself can be downloaded via Google Play Store nor Apple Apps Store. We can also use it for free without ads even though some of its superior features can only be accessed after subscribing to a Pro account.

An example of a feature that can be accessed using a Pro account is Strong compression, which can reduce the PDF file size by up to 75 percent. Meanwhile, ordinary users can only use Basic Compression which is only able to reduce about 40 percent.

Very interestingly, Smallpdf is also available for web version. So we can use it through a variety of devices including computers. Here’s how to use this web version of the service to compress PDFs for those of you who are still having trouble.

On the computer

  • Go to page via computer browser
  • Tap the button Choose File
    How to Reduce PDF Size - 4
  • Find the document you want to compress
  • Select the document
  • Wait for the upload process to complete
  • Choose the type of compress you want to use
  • Tap the button Compress
    How to Reduce PDF Size - 5
  • Click button Download
  • Choose an option Save to device
    How to Reduce PDF Size - 6

Smallpdf is one of my mainstay services for managing PDF files. This application is because it not only has a feature to compress the size but also to change the type of document to edit its contents.

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