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How to Recover Forgotten Google Account Password Via Cellphone and Web | Gadgetren

Gadgetren – On an Android cellphone, of course, an account Google or Gmail is an important part because it can be used to download applications from the Google Play Store, access Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, and much more.

You also have to always remember your Google account and password for various needs, including using an Android cellphone and accessing various services made by Google.

So when you forget the password from your Google account, of course it will hinder your activity. But you don’t need to worry because you can recover a forgotten Google account password in a number of easy ways.

How to Recover Forgot Password Google Account

Through the Web

To recover a Google account that has forgotten its password, you can also use the Gmail application, which is installed by default on Android-based mobile phones. You could say the method is almost similar to using the site.

Through the Gmail Application

  • Open the Gmail application on the mobile.
  • Login Gmail account forgot password.
  • On the page Welcome, Press the button Forgot password?.
    Google Account - Forgot Password - 1 - Apps
  • On the page Account Recovery, You will be asked to enter a code that was sent to your restore email address.
  • Then press the button Next.
    Google Account - Forgot Password - 2 - Apps
  • Then press the button Continue to go straight to battery Google
    Google Account - Forgot Password - 3 - Apps

But if you forget the restore email you entered or never registered it, you can press the Try another way button so that it will be transferred to another recovery method.

Usually you will be asked for the phone number used for recovery and then create a password. It’s therefore a good idea to register your recovery phone number and email when creating a Google or Gmail account.

Google Account - Forgot Password - Update Password

This will be very helpful when you want to recover a forgotten Google account password. However, if you don’t have access to the registered phone number, you can press the I don’t have my phone button.

Later you will be asked with other options such as entering your full name, date of birth, along with answers to the recovery questions that were made when creating a Google account.

Therefore, you should save Google account passwords or other important accounts in a secure password storage application instead of having to do a troublesome process when you forget the password.

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