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How to Recover Deleted Stories on Instagram to Save in Mobile Gallery

Gadgetren – In Instagram social media, everyone can freely upload photos, reels, videos, to IG Stories on their account.

An IG Story or Instagram Story appears on a user’s profile showing the news or daily activities they are currently living.

IG Story interestingly will only be served for 24 hours after the user uploads it. Later IG Story will be lost and automatically saved in our archive. If at any time you want to re-upload it as a memory, then we can repost it.

You can search for saved IG Stories by date or time of upload so you can remember the moment at that time. However, if an IG Story is deleted before 24 hours, it will not be saved and you cannot re-upload it.

The good news is that deleted IG Stories are still stored on Instagram even if only briefly so you can recover them. Therefore, if you change your mind and feel sorry for it to be deleted, you can restore the deleted IG Story to your Instagram account again.

To find out more clearly how the steps are, you can see the detailed explanation below.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Stories

Besides being able to recover IG Stories, you can also restore deleted photos. But again only for the new ones deleted so that the old ones will be lost forever.

To recover photos, you just have to choose which photos you want to recover with steps. The recovered photos will also appear in your phone’s Gallery folder just like IG Story.

That way you can re-upload with photos or videos that have been deleted on various social media and short video services. In addition, it can also be an additional material when you make a new video.

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