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How to Record Xiaomi Screen with Sound to Share Gameplay

Gadgetren – Recording cellphone screen displays is not a problem nowadays. Besides there are many third-party applications, manufacturers generally equip their devices with built-in features for that.

Xiaomi as one of the manufacturers that is now increasingly popular is also one of them. Through a system interface called MIUI, they also provide their cellphones with a built-in screen recorder feature.

That way, their fans no longer need to install third-party services to record screens. So it can be easier to share the gameplay of a game or tutorial using applications or features on the device.

Interestingly enough, Xiaomi’s default screen recorder is generally equipped with fairly complete settings. Among other things, we can find a setting for audio that allows us to record with the sound from the application or the microphone.

It’s just that so that the results are accompanied by the right sound recording, we need to use the appropriate settings. Those of you who don’t know can listen in more detail to the steps for using it in the following explanation.

How to Record Xiaomi Screen with Voice

  • Open the application list
  • Run the application Screen Recorder
  • Tap Settings (the Nut icon) from the Screen Recorder floating menu
  • Find settings for Sound source
  • Change the setting to Mic or System sounds
    How to Record Xiaomi Screen with Voice
  • Close Screen Recorder settings
  • Prepare the application or feature that you want to record
  • Tap the button Record (red circle icon) in the floating menu
  • Make recordings as needed
  • Tap the hover menu and select Stop (red square icon) to stop recording

There are two sound sources that we can use when recording the screen display on a cellphone made by Xiaomi. Including Mic if you want to use a microphone or System sounds to use the audio of the running application.

Unfortunately, the built-in screen recorder feature is quite limited. Not all Xiaomi phone models support it but in general only devices running the MIUI 8 interface or later.

In addition, Xiaomi’s default screen recorder also cannot use the sound from the microphone and the application at the same time. If you want this then we need help from third-party applications such as XRecorder made by InShot.

If the screen recording still has no sound after following the above review, we should try to check a few things. This includes application permissions to the hardware of the cellphone used.

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