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How to record the screen on the OPPO A16 through the Screen Recording feature

Gadgetren – ColorOS 11.1 based on Android 11 embedded in the OPPO A16 has presented a built-in feature called Screen Recording.

The Screen Recording feature allows users to record activities that occur on the screen, making it suitable for making presentations, streaming, or tutorials.

For example, if you want to record activity while playing a game, the Screen Recording feature can record what’s on the screen during the game so that later it can be discussed as a tutorial on YouTube, TikTok, Snack Video, and others.

In addition, you can also create tutorials such as steps to access the menu as well as tips and tricks as an informative form to others.

Now those of you who want to record the screen from OPPO A16 using the Screen Recording feature can directly follow the following tutorial.

How to Record Screen on OPPO A16

  • Go to page home screen
  • Rub screen from top to bottom with one finger to Quick Settings appear
  • Press menu Edit at the top right of Quick Settings
  • Next, drag the button Screen Recording to the main Quick Settings
  • Press the button Back in the below section
    OPPO A16 - Screen Recording - 1
  • Menu Screen Recording will also appear in the main section
  • Press the Screen Recording button so that active
  • Next, you will see menu Screen Recording floating on the screen
  • Press the button Record the red circle icon
  • The timer will run and the recording process startsOPPO A16 - Screen Recording - 2
  • When finished, press the button Stop red box icon
  • Will appear notification recording finished
  • Press the button Tap to view when you want to see it

By default, the Screen Recording button is usually hidden in the Quick Settings backup section. So you need to move Screen Recording so that it appears in the main Quick Settings section so that later it can be accessed easily whenever you want to record the screen.

Later the recording will be saved and can be accessed at any time via the Photos or My Files application. In addition to the Record and Stop buttons, you will actually see the Settings button with a gear icon and the Exit button with an X icon in the Screen Recording floating menu.

If you select the Settings button, then you can specify the sound that will be recorded on the screen such as the sound from the cellphone system, the sound from the microphone or external sound, or both.

With the presence of the default Screen Recording feature, OPPO A16 users will be more likely to record the screen without the need to download third-party applications from the Google Play Store.

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