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How to record OPPO A57 screen in video form

The Gadget – OPPO A57 is a middle-class cellphone that is equipped with many features including screen recording.

Cellphone made OPPO This has been equipped with a built-in Screen Recording feature that allows users to record content that is currently appearing on the screen.

Screen recording is widely used to produce interesting videos such as tutorials, game walkthroughs, and others for creating content on social media.

Meanwhile, the Screen Recording button is available in Quick Settings which can usually be accessed by swiping the screen from top to bottom. But if it hasn’t appeared in Quick Settings, then you need to present it first.

How to record OPPO A57 screen

  • Screen swipe from top to bottom using one finger
  • After Quick Settings appears, press the button Edit Functions the slanted pencil icon
  • On the page Added functions, hold and drag the icon Screen Recording as a screen recording feature to the top according to the desired location
  • Press the button Back
  • automatically button Screen Recording located in Quick Settings
    Screen Recording OPPO A57
  • Then find and select the area to record
  • Screen swipe from top to bottom using one finger
  • Press the button Screen Recording
  • After the floating menu Screen Recording appears, press the button Record red circle icon
  • The screen recording process will begin
  • When finished, press the button Stop red square icon
  • The screen recorded video can be accessed through the application Photos or My Files

Interestingly, you can set the quality of the screen-recorded video such as High (1080p, 16 Mbps), Medium (720p, 8 Mbps), Low (480p, 4 Mbps), or Custom (free to choose the resolution and Mbps bitrate).

The higher the quality you choose, of course, the screen recording video file size will be larger. Meanwhile, the video frame rate can be set from 15fps, 24fps, 30fps, 60fps to dynamic (automatic adjustment).

The sound source for screen recording videos can also be set from the cellphone system only, the microphone only, or both simultaneously. You can also activate the screen recording feature together with the front camera.

That way you can make video tutorials that show the speaker’s face while explaining the contents of the screen-recorded video.

With the presence of the built-in Screen Recording feature, you no longer need to install third-party applications from the Google Play Store. Moreover, this default feature has functions that can be considered complete.

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