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How to Record iPhone Screen to Make Gameplay Videos or Tutorials

Gadgetren – Just like Android-based cellphones, iPhone devices are also equipped with a screen recording feature or screen recording via the iOS operating system it carries.

By using this feature, we can capture various kinds of content that is being displayed on the screen into a video instead of just an image like when using screenshots.

We can also use it to create video content. For example, to share game gameplay or tutorials on certain settings from the iPhone used to the YouTube platform, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and so on.

The screen recording feature on the other hand is quite easy to use. We can even be more practical in using it because Apple also provides a special shortcut in Control Center for this support.

However, these shortcuts will not be fundamentally available in Control Center. So we need to add it first manually by using the steps how to record iPhone screen as detailed below.

How to Record iPhone Screen

Setting Shortcuts

  1. Go to page Settings on iPhone
  2. Go to section Control Center
  3. Search the menu Screen Recording
  4. Tap the button Add (+ icon) next to it

After successfully adding the Screen Recording feature to the Control Center, we can use it as needed. Here’s how to record iPhone screen using this built-in support for those of you who can’t.

Using Screen Record

  1. Run the application you want to record
  2. Open Control Center according to the iPhone model used
  3. Tap the button Record (circle icon with a dot in the middle)
  4. Screen recording will start after 3 seconds
  5. Record screen as needed
  6. Open Control Center then tap button Record red to stop the recording process

Basically, the iPhone’s built-in screen recording feature will only record audio from the currently displayed content. That’s why we need to do a little adjustment if we want to add a narration with our own voice.

Recording Screen with Voice

  1. Open the app you want to immortalize
  2. Access Control Center from the used iPhone
  3. Press and hold the button Record
  4. Tap the button Microphone
  5. Click button Start Recording
  6. After 3 seconds, screen recording will start
  7. Turn off their screen features like the previous way

The results of the screen recording using the two methods above will be directly saved to the iPhone’s internal storage memory. We can access it through the Photos application like when opening a video or ordinary photo.

Although it can be used to record various kinds of content, this built-in feature unfortunately has limitations. For example, we can’t use it to store videos from Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video services.

In addition, this screen recording feature cannot be used simultaneously with screen mirroring. So we need to turn off that support first before recording the screen content we want.

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