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How to Reactivate Disabled Apps on Android Phones| Gadgetren

Gadgetren – In today’s Android-based cellphones, the system only allows system applications that can be disabled (Disable). Meanwhile, third-party applications installed from the Google Play Store can only be stopped (Force Stop) or deleted (Uninstall).

Actually, there are many reasons why system applications on Android-based mobile phones are disabled, such as because the application is not used, consumes a lot of battery power, takes up a lot of storage capacity, or is experiencing a bug.

Later if the application is disabled, it cannot be used and disappears from the Home Screen page. That way it can reduce the burden of power consumption and the use of internal storage capacity of Android-based mobile phones.

But when the application is needed and you want to reactivate it, luckily you can restore it easily.

How to Reactivate Disabled Apps

  1. Open the app Settings on mobile
  2. Enter the menu Apps
  3. Next, select App management
    Disabled App Activation - 1
  4. Find the disabled app that you want to reactivate
  5. On page App info, Press the button Enable
  6. Later a notification will appear Apps enabled
  7. The button also changes to Disable if you want to disable it afterwards
    Disabled App Activation - 2

In general, the application that is being disabled will have the description Disabled right under the application title on the App Management page so that it is easy to find.

Once reactivated, the application will automatically appear on the Home Screen page. But if you want to disable the application, you can follow the same steps with the difference by pressing the Disable button.

For today’s Android-based cellphones, only system applications and built-in tools can be disabled because basically they cannot be uninstalled by default.

The default application is usually one of the elements to meet the TKDN (Domestic Content Level) on Android phones circulating in Indonesia, so they are often allowed to be deleted so that the Disabled feature does not appear.

Actually you can also delete system applications by using the help of third-party uninstall applications. But I suggest you don’t just delete it because sometimes it can damage the stability of the Android operating system running on the cellphone.

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