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How to Play YouTube in the Background So You Can Enjoy It Without Pause

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Gadgetren – With more and more content creators joining, YouTube has also developed into a platform that has various types of videos ranging from entertainment to education.

We can also enjoy it in various ways because each content can be different. We sometimes even just need to listen without the need to listen to the video that is also shown.

For example, to listen to music videos or podcast shows. Sometimes we just need to listen to his voice so that it can be done while doing other activities such as work or study.

On the other hand, YouTube moreover also allows it. His service has support that allows us to play videos in the background which can even be used on mobile phones or tablets.

But to play YouTube videos in the background on a cellphone, we can’t just do it. We need to understand how to do it. Those of you who are curious can listen to it in more detail in the following explanation.

How to Play YouTube in the Background

Using YouTube Premium

Subscribing to YouTube Premium can be the easiest and safest option to use. It’s just that to do this, we need to pay starting from IDR 34,990 for student packages, IDR 59,000 for individuals, or IDR 99,000 for families every month.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, YouTube Premium is a membership system that allows us to enjoy various benefits in enjoying YouTube and YouTube Music services.

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, we can play various kinds of videos and music without the need to be disturbed by advertisements. We also download and enjoy them offline if needed.

In addition, YouTube premium also allows us to play videos or music in the background. So the content will not stop even if we open another application, use the picture-in-picture (PiP) feature, or when the cellphone screen is turned off.

Using Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome noise
  • Visit page
  • Find the desired video
  • After you find it, don’t play it right away
  • Tap More options (three dots icon) in the top right corner of the app
  • Check option Desktop site
  • When the YouTube page finishes reloading, play the video
  • Press the button Home or open another application
  • If the video stops, drag the status bar down to open the notification panel
  • Tap the button Play on the video notification that appears

If you are reluctant to pay a monthly fee for a premium YouTube subscription, you can also use the Google Chrome application on your cellphone to play videos in the background, which is more or less the same step.

To be successful, make sure to access the mobile version of the site by adding the letter m in front of the URL. We because it is likely to be thrown into the main application if using a regular YouTube address.

To play YouTube videos in the background we can also try by downloading related content. We can then use a player application that supports PIP to re-broadcast it.

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