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How to Permanently Delete Contacts on WhatsApp to Make Searching Easier

Gadgetren – Cleaning contacts from numbers that are no longer used is sometimes necessary to streamline the search. This also applies to WhatsApp service.

In order to start a conversation via WhatsApp messages, we generally need to save the number we want to call first. Except in this case we want to take advantage of the click to chat feature which allows us to do so via a link.

Numbers that are stored even though sometimes later they are not used anymore. So if left continuously, it will just pile up so that it often becomes a boomerang that can trouble us.

With this accumulation, one of us will find it difficult to find the contact we want to contact. We can also be a little confused to find which ones are still active and used if they like to change numbers.

Deleting contacts on the WhatsApp service permanently is fortunately not a difficult thing although it needs a little trick. Here are the steps to do it if you can’t at all.

How to Delete Contacts on WhatsApp Permanently

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Tap the button New chat (message bubble icon) in the bottom right corner
  • Find and select the contact you want to delete
  • Tap contact name at the top
    How to Delete Contacts on WhatsApp Permanently - 1
  • Tap More options (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  • Choose an option View in address book
  • Choose an option View contact if needed
    How to Delete Contacts on WhatsApp Permanently - 2
  • If the contact is already open in the phonebook, click More options one more time
  • Choose an option Delete or Delete contact
  • Confirm by pressing the appropriate button
    How to Delete Contacts on WhatsApp Permanently - 3

By following the steps above, the contacts will be deleted from both cloud and local storage which includes the phone app. So you should think carefully before doing it.

The good news is, messages or conversations that we have had on the WhatsApp service will not be deleted. We can also call the contact again or have to delete it manually if it is no longer needed.

It should be underlined a little, deleting contacts from the WhatsApp service cannot be an alternative to ward off interference from certain numbers. If we want to do this then we must choose to block it.

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