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How to permanently delete a Mobile Legend account so it can’t be returned

The Gadget – Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) type games which is widely played by gamers in Indonesia.

The light mobile specification requirements make Mobile Legends playable by people from all walks of life. But maybe there are times when you get bored playing this game so you want to permanently delete the account.

Actually, when your Mobile Legends account is not Bind with a Google Play Games or Facebook account, the account will automatically disappear when the Mobile Legends game is deleted from the cellphone.

But of course it binds the Mobile Legends account with the account Google Play Games or Facebook becomes important if you don’t want ranking or other data to be lost. To permanently delete a Mobile Legends account that has been bound, you can start deleting it from the application data first.

How to Permanently Delete a Mobile Legends Account

Clear App Data and Cache

  • Open the app Settings on cellphone
  • Select Apps or App Management
  • Search and select Mobile Legends
  • Select an option Storage usage
  • Press the button Clear data
  • Automatically data and cache will be deleted
    Mobile Legends - Permanently delete account - Clear Data

This step will remove all data currently installed in the Mobile Legends application and make it return to the initial settings when it was first installed.

For the next step, you can remove Bind from Facebook and Google Play Games accounts so that the Mobile Legends account is permanently deleted.

Remove Bind from Facebook

  • Open the Facebook application on the mobile
  • Login with account your facebook
  • Select the button Menu the profile photo icon with three lines at the top right
  • Press the button Settings gear icon next to Menu
    Mobile Legends - Permanently delete account - Facebook 1
  • On the page Profile, select an option Apps and website in the Security
  • Then choose Mobile Legends
  • Next, press the button Remove
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, check all options and press the button Remove
    Mobile Legends - Permanently delete account - Facebook 2

Remove Bind from Google Play Games

  • Open the Google Play Games application on the mobile
  • On the main page of the application, select menu Profile at the bottom right
  • Select the menu More icon with three dots on the right
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, select Settings
  • Select Delete Play Games account & data
    Mobile Legends - Permanently delete account - Google Play Games 1
  • Next, press the button Delete next to the Mobile Legends application
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Permanently delete
    Mobile Legends - Permanently delete account - Google Play Games 2

If you successfully untie the bond between your Mobile Legends account from your Facebook account and Google Play Games, then the account will not return when you log in using one of these services.

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