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How to Pay IndiHome Monthly Bills that are Easy to Use

Gadgetren – There are many ways that can be used to pay IndiHome monthly bills, starting from using MyIndiHome services, digital wallets, e-commerce, banking, and offline.

All of these methods are very easy to use so they can be adapted to the capabilities and services you usually use.

If needed, we can consider which way is most practical or adjust the availability of the payment service itself. Each method can also replace each other as long as the problem does not originate from the IndiHome payment system.

So, we can be a little calmer even though one of these methods is not working. However, whatever method we choose, bill payments must be made every month so that there are no problems.

The problem is that Telkom will isolate the network if there is a delay in payment. They also do not hesitate to give fines according to applicable regulations if they continue without any settlement.

Therefore, those of you who don’t know how to pay your IndiHome monthly bill, of course, need to learn it. The following is a more complete explanation of some of the methods above as reference material that can be tried.

How to Pay IndiHome Bills

Using the MyIndiHome App

  • Install the app if you don’t have it yet
  • Log in or create an account first
  • Don’t forget to connect your account with your IndiHome ID if you create a new one
  • On the main page you will see a menu Your Total Bill
  • Tap the menu
  • Click button Pay on your Billing page
  • Choose the payment method you want to use
  • Complete the transaction according to the selected payment method

MyIndiHome can be downloaded officially via the app store either Google Play Store for Android or Apple Apps Store for iOS according to the cellphone you are using.

Besides being able to be accessed through the application, this service can also be accessed via a web page with a URL by using a browser.

Using E-commerce Applications Or Digital Wallets

  • Download an application that supports IndiHome payments
  • Open the app then do the initial setup if needed
  • Create or log in with an account for related services
  • Find the menu Bill (the name can be different for each application)
  • Open the menu
  • Select the menu Telkom or Internet
  • Select IndiHome if you still need to choose a service
  • Type the IndiHome ID number in the column provided
  • Press Enter or button Check Bill
  • Click the menu Pay
  • Choose a payment method if needed
  • Follow the instructions that appear according to the application you are using

The convenience of paying IndiHome bills can also be done through popular applications such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Blibli, LinkAja, Gojek (GoPay), and OVO. Usually there is cashback waiting for us if you use one of them so you can get separate benefits.

But keep in mind that each application of course has a display interface, naming, to laying out its own menu. The steps above apply in general so you may need to adjust them a bit to the application or service you choose.

Using Banking Services

  • Visit an ATM or use the mobile banking app
  • Login according to the method used
  • Find and select the menu Payment
  • If you can’t find it, it’s usually in more menu
  • Select Telkom, Internetor Phone
  • Enter the area code and IndiHome ID according to the instructions
  • Proceed with the payment according to the instructions that appear

Payment by banking services can also be an alternative that can be considered. Every bank company nowadays, moreover provides application-based services such as BRImo, Mandiri livin, to BCA mobile which can be used more flexibly.

For the record, banking services will usually include an admin fee as well. However, this will of course depend on the policies of each bank so don’t be surprised if there will be an additional fee of IDR 2,500 or the like if you use mobile banking.

Physical Payment

  • Visit Alfamart, Indomaret, POS Office, or Plasa Telkom
  • Take the queue if needed
  • Explain the purpose to the officer
  • Submit IndiHome Customer ID if requested
  • Make payments according to the officer’s instructions

If you have difficulty using digital services, be it MyIndiHome, e-commerce, digital wallets, or banking, then we can try physical transactions. In this case, we can do it at Alfamart, Indomaret, POS Office, or come directly to Plasa Telkom.

Of course, this one method can be an option, especially for those of you who also make payments for other bills so that they can be done together.

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