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How to Pay for the Tri Emergency Package, No Need to Be Confused and Hassle

The Gadget – Tri still has many enthusiastic users by presenting various events, promos, discounts, and attractive packages.

Even Tri has one Emergency Package which allows users to lend credit first when in an important condition to contact someone, but the credit they have has run out.

However, it should be noted that the choice of pulses that can be obtained from the emergency package will vary for each user depending on the terms and policies provided by Tri.

It’s easy to activate the Tri Emergency Package yourself, where you can access the Bima Loan menu on the Bima+ application or use the UMB code *805# via the Phone application.

When the user is almost out of credit, Tri via SMS will later offer an offer to use the Emergency Package. Next, you can follow the instructions to activate the Emergency Package.

It should be noted that only Tri users who can get the Emergency Package have numbers with the prefixes 0895, 0896, 0897, 0898, and 0899. The Tri number must also be registered and validated according to regulations in force in Indonesia.

Lastly, at least Tri numbers have been active for more than 90 consecutive days and top up regularly. The Emergency Package can indeed save you when you are in a crisis. But of course he still owes Tri so he has to pay it later.

How to Pay for the Tri Emergency Plan?

You may be wondering how to pay for the Tri Emergency Package that has been used. The answer is, the Tri Emergency Package will be paid automatically when you top up your credit, either all at once or for several top-ups.

The amount of credit deduction will be adjusted to the size of the Tri Emergency Package loan. Later, if your pulse is still cut off and leaves Rp. 500, then you still have loan arrears.

You can also top up your credit again until it’s no longer deducted automatically. This means that the debt of the Tri Emergency Package will be paid off in full.

So there is no special menu that needs to be accessed, you can directly pay for the Emergency Package because Tri only fills in credit because it will automatically deduct it.

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