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How to Overcome Xiaomi HP Doesn’t Turn On and Only the MIUI Logo Appears

Gadgetren – Bootloop or the device turns on repeatedly but only until the logo is one of the many problems that can arise when we use a device with an Android system.

The reasons can be various, including Xiaomi. Starting from system damage, problematic applications, malware attacks, to wear and tear of hardware, including some of the factors that can make cellphones bootloop.

How to solve the problem that the cellphone doesn’t turn on and only the MIUI logo appears, so we can’t average it. Each causative factor often requires a different solution from one another.

The lightest, we may only need to do a factory reset or reinstall. But don’t forget that some of us may need to do a component replacement if the cause is hardware damage.

Specifically for those of you who use devices made by Xiaomi, here are some ways to deal with the device not turning on and only the MIUI logo appears which you can try before taking it to a repair center.

How to Overcome Xiaomi Only Appears MIUI Logo

Reset Lewat MIUI Recovery

  • Hold button Power until the Xiaomi device is completely dead
  • Press the button Power and Volume Up together
  • Release them both once the device vibrates or the MIUI logo appears
  • Wait for the cellphone to enter MIUI Recovery
  • After entering, select the menu Wipe Data
  • Select Wipe All Data
  • Select Confirm
  • When finished, select Back to Menu
  • Next select Reboot
  • Select Reboot to System

Keep in mind that this method will delete all data on the device. In addition, MIUI Recovery does not support finger touch operations. To select a menu or options in it, we can use buttons volume as navigation and Power to confirm selection.

After selecting the Reboot to System button, the cellphone will reload the system. Wait for it to turn on and go to the main page. If that doesn’t work, we may need to try repeating the steps from the beginning.


If a factory reset via MIUI Recovery has not resolved the problems that occur on Xiaomi devices, then reinstalling the operating system can be the next solution. It’s just that I personally don’t recommend you do it yourself if you’re not experienced.

Apart from requiring a computer device, supporting software, and the appropriate system files, the steps for reinstalling are a little risky. It is possible that the cellphone will be even more damaged if it is wrong.

Asking for help from friends who often do it or going to a counter that provides services may be a safer alternative when this happens. But don’t forget to make sure that they are really experts.

Take it to a Repair Center

Bringing your cellphone to the Mi Authorized Service Center is certainly the most appropriate step when this problem occurs. Especially if the device is still under warranty, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to fix it.

Mi Authorized Service Center itself is now spread across various cities in Indonesia. We can check the address via the page or contact the service number at 0800-1-401558 or WhatsApp +6282117236765.

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