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How to Overcome WhatsApp Notifications Not Appearing To Get Back To Normal

Gadgetren – Despite the new privacy policy that many users oppose, the WhatsApp service is still one of the main communication media for some people in Indonesia.

In addition to offering features that are getting more and more complete, this service is because it is easy to operate. So anyone from young children to parents can immediately use it without needing much to learn.

Therefore, notifications not showing up can be a problem for some people. We may miss some messages that have just entered the WhatsApp number if we don’t check the application directly.

Not to mention, the problem can certainly get more serious if the content of the WhatsApp message turns out to be very important and requires a reply as soon as possible. We may even have to bear some losses when this happens.

Overcoming WhatsApp notifications that don’t appear even more so is not an easy matter. There are many factors that can be the cause so it is necessary to check one by one so that the problem can be successfully resolved.

How to Fix WhatsApp Notifications Not Appearing

1. Ensure Internet Connection

As an online service, WhatsApp requires an internet connection to work properly. If there is a problem with the network, the message will not be able to enter so no notifications will appear.

Ensuring an internet connection can therefore be one of the solutions that must be done first to overcome the WhatsApp notification not appearing. We in this case can try to refresh the network by activating airplane mode (airplane) and then turning it off after a while.

Reloading (restarting) the device can also be taken to refresh the network. By doing this, the cellphone can also be optimal again in handling various processes that run both in front and behind the screen.

In addition, we can also try to move places or switch to a faster connection to get the connection back. We can also do a network reset if the device still cannot connect to the internet.

Don’t forget to check the data package you have. Make sure that we still have enough quota to access the internet network or at least make applications like WhatsApp able to keep running.

2. Check Device Optimization Features

Some companies provide their system interfaces with special features that allow devices to run more optimally. The form can vary from power saver to device management.

To get more optimal performance, some of these features will force close apps running behind the scenes. Some of them will even blacklist it and block its operation.

WhatsApp notifications that don’t appear can also occur because the application is also blocked by this feature so it can’t run behind the scenes. So we also need to make sure of this and reopen if it is blacklisted.

It’s just like the shape, the name of this feature also varies, for example Auto-start manager on ASUS cellphones or Auto-launch apps on OPPO devices. Each generally also has a different display interface.

3. Ensuring All Necessary Permits

  • Open Settings
  • Go to section Apps or App Management
  • Look for WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp application information
  • Search section Permission
  • Make sure the app gets permission to run automatically, show notifications, and use the internet

We can accidentally disable one of the permissions that the WhatsApp application needs to operate while using the device. If this happens, then the notification will of course not appear.

To restore the notification, we also need to reactivate the permissions required by WhatsApp. The method is more or less like the steps above, but we need to adapt some of them to the interface of the operating system used.

4. Update or Reinstall Apps

Like applications in general, WhatsApp development cannot be separated from various kinds of bugs that can result in the service not running according to its function. Notifications that do not appear can also occur because of this.

Update the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store certainly can be the only way to overcome this. If it doesn’t appear, then we can contact the developer to get a solution.

In addition to updating it, we can also reinstall the WhatsApp application to refresh its data. But of course we may need to make a backup first before doing that.

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