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How to Overcome Infrared Rays Blocked on Vivo HP, Don’t Panic!

Gadgetren – To attract many people to buy some of its homemade cellphones, Vivo has also presented a variety of interesting features, one of which is an Infrared sensor.

The Infrared feature allows the cellphone to act like a remote control for several household electronic devices such as televisions, air conditioners (air conditioners), fans, mini compos, DVD players, and many more.

Of course, the Infrared sensor becomes very useful when the remote control of one of your electronic devices suddenly disappears. But sometimes there is a problem with the notification saying the Infrared beam is blocked so it can’t work normally.

For those of you who experience this problem, you can try to solve it with the following solutions.

1. Clean the Dust or Dirt in Front of the Sensor

There are times when you often use Vivo cellphones for a long period of time, accidentally dust will be attached to the Infrared sensor area at the top of the Vivo cellphone.

It could also accidentally touch the Infrared part, leaving dirt stains. Dust or dirt that sticks to this will usually block the Infrared light so it can’t function properly.

That way, you can clean the dust or dirt that sticks to the part. You can use a soft tissue or fiber cloth so as not to damage the surface when cleaning it.

2. Hapus Data dan Cache by vivo Service

Sometimes the system in the vivo Service section experiences a bug or error on the vivo cellphone. That’s why you should try deleting data on Vivo Service to return it to the way it was.

  • Open the app Settings in vivo mobile
  • Next, select menu More Settings
  • Press options App Manager
  • Choose an option More which is at the top
  • Then, press menu Show System Process
  • Choose an option Live Service (Layanan Live)
  • Select the menu Storage (Storage)
  • Press the button Clear Data (Clear Data)

If you press the Clear Data button, the data and cache on the Vivo Service will automatically be deleted. Later the system will return the Vivo Service to the way it was when the Vivo cellphone was turned on for the first time.

3. Operating System Update

Sometimes when you don’t update the operating system for a long time on your Vivo cellphone, some system applications and features have problems because they no longer support the old version.

For this reason, you can update the operating system to reduce the problem from occurring. Updates can usually be done OTA (Over-The-Air) where you can simply download updates via the internet.

Usually when the operating system update file is available, a notification will appear at the top of the cellphone. Next, you just need to press the Update button and run the process until it’s finished. But you can also check it manually on the Update menu.

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