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How to Overcome Incompatible Devices on Play Store When Installing Applications

Gadgetren – Of course it will be a problem that is quite inconvenient if our Android device is not compatible with the application that we want to download from the Google Play Store service.

The problem is that we will not be able to install the application into a cellphone or tablet if this happens. In other words, we can’t even take advantage of the features or functions we need from it.

The good news is that devices that are not compatible with applications on the Google Play Store can occur due to system or data errors. Not that it’s completely incompatible with the system or the minimal requirements to run it.

So, we just need to solve the error. It’s just undeniable that the causes can indeed be very diverse even though each requires a fairly different solution.

Even if you are confused when trying to solve this problem, fortunately there are a number of general solutions that we can consider. Some of them we have collected for you to try as follows.

How to Solve Incompatible Devices on Google Play Store

1. Clean Google Play Store and Google Play Services Data

  • Enter to Settings
  • Open section Apps or Manage Apps
  • Cari Google Play Store atau Google Play Services
  • Tap on the service to open its app info page
  • Tap the menu Storage if needed
  • Click button Clear Data
  • Confirm with the appropriate button

How to Solve Incompatible Devices on Play Store - 1

Stacking or data errors are common on every operating system. Whereas if left unchecked, it will usually cause a number of problems such as the device being incompatible with applications on the Google Play Store.

Clearing data from related applications can certainly be one option that can be taken. By doing so, the Google Play Store and Google Play Services will re-download the files required by the service so that it can work properly.

2. Uninstall Google Play Store and Google Play Services App Updates

  • Enter the related app info page the same way before
  • Tap the button Uninstall updates
  • Confirm by tapping the button OK or appropriate
    How to Solve Incompatible Devices on Play Store - 2

Device compatibility errors with applications can also occur because updates from the Google Play Store or Google Play Services are not compatible with your phone or tablet. Uninstalling it can therefore be the next solution that can be taken if deleting the data is not enough.

3. Update Operating System

  • Go to page Settings
  • Look for Software or system updates
  • Click button Check for updates
  • Click Download and install if an update is available

An outdated operating system can also cause device compatibility issues with apps on the Google Play Store. Some services do have a minimum requirement of the operating system version required for this so be sure to keep it up to date.

In general, some of the methods above may be different for each device because each Android system interface from each mobile phone brand has a different appearance. So we also need to adjust it a bit.

4. Download Apps from Other Party Services

If some of the methods above still fail, then we are forced to download applications from other services. We may in some cases also need to select a file with an older version in order to install it successfully.

A little advice from us, make sure to download the application from a service that is proven to be trusted such as APK Mirror to avoid malware as much as possible. Apart from that, we can also take advantage of mobile phone stores, such as the Samsung Galaxy Store, Vivo Apps Store, OPPO Apps Market, and Xiaomi GetApps.

5. Contact Developer

  • Go to the app page on Google Play Store
  • Scroll down
  • Search and open Developer contact
  • Tap option Email
  • Write email as needed
  • Send an email by tapping the button Send (paper airplane icon)
    How to Solve Incompatible Devices on Play Store - 3

There is a possibility that the device is really not compatible with the apps on the Google Play Store if some of the above tricks still fail. For that, we can contact the developer to confirm this or ask for a solution.

On top of all that, sometimes developers do add device support gradually to ensure the app can work properly. If that is the cause, then you just have to wait until the version that supports your cellphone appears.

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