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How to Overcome HP Realme Forgot Password So It Can Be Used Again

Gadgetren – Using an access code such as a password, pattern, or PIN will make a mobile phone realm you become safer because it cannot be accessed by just anyone.

Even though security is guaranteed, there are times when you forget the password that has been set so that it becomes difficult to reopen the Lock Screen page.

What’s more, now that when you forget the password several times that you entered on your realme cellphone, the recovery option will not appear via your Google account again, which can create panic and confusion.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because there are still ways to recover realme cellphones so that the password can be lost by using the Google Find My Device feature or Recovery Mode. But it should be noted, all the data in it will be lost.

How to Overcome Mobile Forgot Password realme

Melalui Google Find My Device

  • Download and install the Google Find My Device app from Google Play Store on another phone
  • Or open Google Find My Device via web page
  • Sign in with an account Google main that is connected to your realme cellphone
  • Then you will be faced with the main page Google Find My Device
  • Select the menu Erase Device and re-enter the Google account password
  • Press the button Erase in the dialog box that appears to delete all data on the cellphone.
  • Wait until the reset process is completerealme - Lupa Password - Find My Device - Erase

It should be noted that using the Google Find My Device method requires another cellphone or computer to be able to access it before resetting the connected realme cellphone.

This method also requires the Find My Device feature to be active on a realme cellphone before the problem occurs. As another alternative, you can use the Hard Reset method via Recovery Mode.

Through Recovery Mode

  • Turn off the realme cellphone by holding the button power for 10 seconds
  • After the cellphone turns off, press the button volume down + power simultaneously until the realme logo appears on the screen
  • You will enter Recovery Mode
  • Use the button power to select menus and buttons volume to navigate between menus
  • Select the menu Wipe Data
  • Press options Format Data
  • Wait until the process is complete

One important thing to note that both methods both Google Find My Device and Recovery Mode will cause all the data on the cellphone is lost because it was completely removed.

That way, you have to make sure that both are only the last method if you really can’t get the installed password anymore. This is because as a form of security when cellphones are taken by irresponsible people.

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