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How to Overcome Blocked Phone Numbers WA WhatsApp

Gadgetren – Some WhatsApp users must have experienced that their number suddenly couldn’t be used because it had been blocked from WhatsApp.

This is of course very inappropriate, especially for users who feel that they are not violating the rules and regulations applied to WhatsApp.

The number that is blocked by WhatsApp will eventually not enter the account in question so that at the same time you cannot use the features available for chatting, phone calls, video calls, or sending documents.

On the other hand, blocking telephone numbers by WhatsApp also has its own reasons where these users usually have violated WhatsApp’s terms of service so that a message appears in the form of ‘This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’.

Based on WhatsApp official sitethere are several reasons why a user’s WhatsApp phone number is blocked such as discovering spam activity, fraud, or compromising the security of WhatsApp users.

However, if you feel that the phone number used by WhatsApp should not have been blocked, then fortunately you can request a review to ensure that the error occurred.

How to Overcome WhatsApp Blocked Phone Numbers

  • Sign in with a blocked phone number.
  • Tap the support button when the warning ‘This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp’ appears.
  • Write down the details of the complaint along with its chronology.
  • Provide screenshots or photos as supporting evidence.
  • Wait for WhatsApp contact back.

You can also contact WhatsApp via contact page available on the official website. You also have to fill in complete data such as telephone numbers, email addresses, devices used, and complaints along with their chronology.

Meanwhile for WhatsApp Business users, you need to contact [email protected] because the path required is different from a personal account.

After requesting a review, later you will be asked to enter the 6-digit registration code that was sent via SMS. Then you’ll be able to submit a request for review and add supporting details.

After a while, WhatsApp will contact you after completing the review. In order for cases of blocking not to occur, WhatsApp advises to always carefully review the permitted use of the WhatsApp service so as not to violate applicable rules.

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