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How to Overcome Annoying Samsung HP Ads

Gadgetren – Although OneUI already has a simple interface and minimal bloatware, but in fact Samsung embed ads on several applications such as Weather, Samsung Pay, Bixby, and others.

The presence of advertisements sometimes certainly feels annoying when carrying out important activities, for example, making a shopping transaction with Samsung Pay.

Suddenly appearing ads will slow down the process for payment approval. Likewise, it will be quite inconvenient for ads to appear when searching for something with Bixby.

Fortunately, you can get rid of ads that appear on Samsung cellphones through the settings provided.

How to Overcome Ads on Samsung

Melalui Customization Service

  • Open the app Settings on Samsung cell phones
  • Scroll down and select menu Privacy
  • Enter options Customization Service
  • Press the toggles Customized ads and direct marketing to the off position

After this feature is deactivated, advertisements that appear on Samsung mobile phones will be removed from several applications. But in some applications, you must also turn off the Marketing information feature so that there are no annoying marketing advertisements.

Through Marketing Information

  • Open the default Samsung application, such as Samsung Pay
  • Press the button More berikon three line at the top left
  • Select the settings menu
  • Press the toggle button Marketing information to the off position

By disabling this feature, some of Samsung’s default apps will no longer send marketing and email notifications. It’s just that you have to disable this feature one by one in applications that you find annoying.

Not only advertisements in applications, the operating system on Samsung mobile phones also presents advertisements in the form of push notifications, either promoting one of Samsung’s products or other brands.

Via Samsung Push Service

  • App access Settings on Samsung cell phones
  • Select the menu Notifications
  • Press the button More in the Recently sent
  • Select an application Samsung Push Service
  • Press the toggle button Show notifications to the off position

Sometimes there are also Adware applications that are installed suddenly due to inadvertence in installing applications or accessing a site. For that you have to look for the Adware application which usually has an unknown name.

Remove Adware

  • Open the app Settings on Samsung devices
  • Select the menu Apps
  • Look for applications that are never installed or have strange names (Adware)
  • Select the application to view detailed information
  • Press the button Uninstall to remove it from the device

Supposedly after the Adware application is removed from the cellphone, the annoying advertisements will also disappear and no longer appear.

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