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How to Overcome an Unread SIM Card that Suddenly Can Happen Anytime

The Gadget – SIM card is one of the important things that are embedded in the cellphone because the phone number is stored in it.

A damaged or unreadable SIM card by your cellphone will make it difficult for you to make phone calls, SMS, or access the internet.

Not only that, some banking applications also require a SIM card to be embedded in the cellphone as a form of verification. If the number does not exist, then the application will instead display an error message.

But you don’t panic first when the SIM card can’t be read on the cellphone because you can see tips to solve the problem.

Clean SIM Card

We all know that the front of the SIM card has brass that will stream data so that it can be read by mobile phones. Sometimes when it gets dirty because it is often removed, there are some parts on the brass that can’t be connected properly.

You can also first remove the SIM card from the slot on the cellphone and then clean it using a dry cloth. Gently rub into the SIM card brass to get it clean again.

Then you can re-enter it into the available slot on your cellphone. If successful, a cellular signal indicator will appear on the cellphone in the form of the network and operator name.

Manual Network Setup

Sometimes at a certain time, there is a problem with the internet network in an area that makes the signal bar disappear, making it seem as if the SIM card is unreadable.

To overcome this problem, you can go to the Network page in the Settings application on your cellphone to manually set the operator’s network. This includes the APN settings.

Make sure the SIM card slot fits

Usually on cellphones with SIM card slots that use top-down models, there can be estrangement if you only embed one SIM card.

We recommend that you pin two SIM cards at once in the slot provided so that the system on the cellphone can read the existing SIM card. I often experience this myself because when I use a cellphone with a SIM card slot that is of the top and bottom type.

Reset Network System on Mobile

There are times when the operating system on the cellphone has problems that affect several things, such as the application becomes an error, the signal network is not readable, and much more.

If this happens, you can try to reset the network system on a -based cellphone Android via the Settings app. Usually you can access this method by simply typing the Reset Network keyword in the search field.

Move to another slot

When the cellphone does not display the cellular signal indicator for a long time, maybe you can try moving the SIM card from slot 1 to slot 2 or vice versa depending on the initial placement.

When the SIM card can be read when it is moved to slot 2, it is most likely that slot 1 has a problem so it is not the SIM card itself. However, if the SIM card cannot be read in slot 2, then you can also try it on another cellphone first.

Swap SIM Card for New

It is possible that the SIM card you are using has indeed been damaged. Especially if it has been used for a long time and has changed cellphones several times, usually there will be a damaged SIM card part, especially in the connector section.

For this reason, you should visit the nearest operator official outlet to replace it physically from the SIM card with a new one. Later you will be served by staff who help the migration process to change the SIM card to completion.

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