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How to Open DM on Twitter So You Can Receive Messages From Everyone

Gadgetren – Besides being able to upload posts in the form of tweets, Twitter also has a feature Direct Message (DM) which allows users to message each other privately.

This DM feature can also be managed by users who want even more secure privacy by setting it by hiding the message icon button.

Meanwhile, if the DM is made open or open DM, then any Twitter user, whether not following us or following us, will easily send messages.

When the DM is opened, there will be a message button icon listed on our Twitter profile page, allowing many people to access the DM to send messages to our account.

If you are DMed by someone you don’t follow or follow each other, then Twitter will provide a message request with options to accept, delete, or block. Then if you are DMed by someone you follow, then the message will go straight in for you to read and reply to.

You can manage these DM settings via the Settings and Support menu. However, the location of the menu will differ depending on how you access Twitter.

How to Open DMs on Twitter

Through the Web

Through the Android Application

Through the App on iOS

  • Enter the Twitter application on your mobile.
  • Tap the photo profile in the top left corner of the screen.
  • Select the menu Settings and Support.
  • Select the menu Settings and privacy.
  • Select the menu Privacy and safety.
  • Select the menu Direct Messages.
  • Slide the switch Allow message requests from everyone to the right until it turns blue.

We can also set each incoming message whether it has been read or not by activating the Send read receipts button. The button can also be deactivated again if you don’t want to know that the message has been read.

After we manage Open DM on Twitter on an account, we can receive messages from many people. Apart from that, if you want to send a DM to other people, you can also do so by tapping the message or envelope icon on the user’s profile page.

Not only that, group messages can also be made on Twitter, which can be sent to more than 50 people. Here you can send various forms of messages such as text, video, and GIFs. To send DM to other people, make sure that the contents of the message are not offensive, contain SARA, and are disturbing!

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