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How to Open a Store on TikTok so that more people buy your products

Gadgetren – For business actors to open a shop offline is a common thing to do, but in the current situation, many are starting to open their business online in certain sales channels.

The online sales channel itself has many choices in Indonesia. That way the store does not only rely on offline sales, but also from online sales that can be sent via courier services such as JNE, Tiki, J&T, Sicepat, Same Day, Instant, and many more.

In addition to e-commerce, which has become an alternative choice for businesses to sell their products online, now social media also provides special features for those who want to sell products while promoting them.

Selling online in the midst of a pandemic also has a huge impact on many business people. Many of them have increased income than before. In fact, selling their products actually has great attention from online sales compared to direct sales through physical stores.

Social media such as TikTok is an alternative because it offers an opportunity to attract more people to know about a product. Therefore, TikTok also continues to present a feature called TikTok Shop which allows an account to sell its products directly.

This feature called TikTok Shop can be used by all users, both those who already have names with well-known brands and those who are still beginners. To register your store on TikTok, you also have to meet several requirements.

Of course, you must have the name of the store, brand, or product that you want to sell on TikTok. Then you need to open a shop on TikTok so that your selling products can be displayed.

How to Open a Store on TikTok

  • Visit via browser.
  • Fill in the information in the displayed form such as phone number, phone verification code, email address, email verification code, password, and password confirmation.How-To-Open-Shop-on-TikTok-3
  • After that tap the Save button.
  • You can also register your store through your TikTok account by tapping the Register with TikTok Account button.How-To-Open-Shop-on-TikTok-2
  • If you select Register with TikTok Account, then you must connect your TikTok account to the TikTok shop by tapping the Authorize button.How-To-Open-Shop-on-TikTok-4-1
  • Then enter your email address and verification code. How-To-Open-Shop-on-TikTok-5
  • Then tap the Next button.
  • You will also get a TikTok Shop account that has been successfully registered.

After taking the steps to open a store on TikTok, you will be able to access the dashboard or seller settings page on TikTok. You can complete it through a series of selectable menus which are displayed on the left side of the screen.

But before that you have to verify documents such as ID cards or passports to the Business Identification Number (NIB). Then you can freely add products, manage products, ratings, orders, shipping, and much more.

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