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How to Move WA WhatsApp to a New Cellphone So Data Is Not Lost

Gadgetren – After buying a mobile phone, there are various things we need to do. One of them is moving the WhatsApp account and data from the old device to the new one.

Therefore, WhatsApp service can be reused as before. We don’t need to lose various important data whether it’s in the form of conversations, pictures, videos, documents, or voice messages.

It’s just that, moving accounts cannot be done by simply entering a number into the WhatsApp application on a new cellphone. The data from the previous cellphone might be lost if you just do this.

To move accounts and all their data, we need to use a special trick. This includes taking advantage of the backup and restore support offered by WhatsApp as one of its features.

Fortunately, backing up and restoring data from the WhatsApp service is quite easy to do. If you haven’t been able to do that, you can follow the steps below.

How to Transfer WhatsApp to a New Mobile Phone

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  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Tap More options (three dot icon) in the upper right corner
  • Select Settings
  • Enter section Chats
  • Open the menu Chat backup
  • Tap Google Account
  • Set it to the Google account you want to use to back up data
  • Enable option Back up using cellular if you want to use cellular data
  • Enable option Include videos if want to suggest a video
  • Press the button Backup

Wait for the data backup process to finish. The duration will be different for each person because it depends on internet speed and file size. After that, install WhatsApp on the new cellphone and do the following steps.

Restoring WhatsApp on a New Handphone

  • Add the associated Google Account to the new phone
  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Click button Agree and Continue
  • Enter the same phone number as WhatsApp on the old cellphone
  • Tap the button Next
  • If a number confirmation window appears, click it Ok
  • Enter the OTP code received via SMS
  • Wait until the application verifies the OTP code
  • If WhatsApp requests access to contacts and media to find backup data, click it Continue
  • Tap the button Restore after arriving at the Restore Backup page
  • Wait for the application to scan the backup file of the previously added Google Account
  • Tap Restore if found
  • Press the button Next when recovery is complete
  • Set profile photo and username
  • Set the settings for the backup to Google if needed
  • Click button Done after everything is finished

The steps above only apply if the operating system used is the same. If it’s different then we can use Move to iOS to move from Android to iPhone or use the menu Settings > Chats > Move Chats to Android on the WhatsApp application for the opposite.

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