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How to move photos to a microSD on an OPPO cellphone so that it doesn’t fill up fast

Gadgetren – Now average OPPO phones sold in Indonesia already has a large internal storage ranging from 64 GB to 512 GB.

Photo files, videos, songs, and applications are now starting to have a large size so that if the files are allowed to accumulate, of course, the internal storage capacity of the OPPO smartphone will be full.

We all know that usually when there is only a small amount of internal memory left, it can cause system problems such as applications cannot be opened, Force Close, Freeze, transition movements feel broken, and others.

To overcome this internal memory so that it doesn’t fill up quickly, you should move some data such as photos to a file microSD to make it easier. Usually OPPO provides a microSD slot just in case if needed by the user.

How to Move Photos to microSD on OPPO Phone


  • Enter microSD to the slot that has been present on the OPPO cellphone
  • Open the app My Files on page Home Screen
  • Select the menu Photos on the My Files main page
  • Search and select photo
  • Choose an option Move at the bottom
    OPPO - microSD - Move - 1
  • On the pop-up menu Select folderselect the menu SD Card
  • Find the folder that will be used to store photos on the SD Card
  • Next, press the button Move to here
  • The transfer process will start
    OPPO - microSD - Move - 2

If you only want to copy photos from the internal storage on your OPPO smartphone to a microSD, then you can use the Copy option in the My Files application like the steps above. You can also directly move multiple photos at once manually using the My Files application.


  • Make sure the microSD is inserted in the slot on the OPPO smartphone
  • Open the app Settings on page Home Screen
  • Type keywords Storage in column Search
  • Select Storage
  • Scroll down and select an option SD Card
  • Next, select the option Auto save data to SD card
  • Press toggle Camera in the System Apps until it lights up
    OPPO - microSD - AutoSave

Now every time you take a photo using the OPPO cellphone camera, the photos will automatically be directly stored on the microSD. In addition, you are also given other options for Screen recording, Screenshot, Files Received by Bluetooth, OPPO Share, and WhatsApp results to be directly stored on the microSD.

If you activate the toggle all features on the Auto save data to SD Card page, then all files (not just photos) will be directly stored on the microSD. Meanwhile, so that the storage process becomes faster and more stable, you should buy a microSD with high speed, for example Class 10.

Make sure the storage capacity is also large so that more can be stored. It should be noted that the microSD has a speed that is not as high as the internal storage of OPPO phones. In other words, microSD is only suitable for storing data only.

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