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How to Move Files from Computer Or Laptop to External Storage

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Gadgetren – Today’s computers or laptops on average already have large internal storage so that they can accommodate many files at once.

However, there are times when the internal capacity is almost full as more files are stored.

For that, you usually need to move files from the computer or laptop to another storage to make it relieved again so that performance is not hampered.

Fortunately, this can be done easily because there are so many methods that you can choose according to your needs or available.

How to Move Files and Computer or Laptop

Moving to the Cloud Service

Please note that now many cloud services are available for use. Even Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive provides free storage capacity after creating an account of each service. Even so, you are also given a premium subscription option if you want a larger capacity.

Transfer Data - Google Drive

Once you have a Gmail email account, then you only need to access the Google Drive site to start uploading the desired file by pressing the Upload button or dragging it from the Explorer window. The same thing you can do on the Microsoft One Drive there.

Not only can it be accessed from a computer, you can also access files that are already stored on Google Drive or OneDrive through an application that can be downloaded on a cellphone. In addition to the two cloud storages, there are several other services such as Dropbox, Amazon Drive, and MEGA that you can use.

Moving to External Storage

  • Open Windows Explorer on a laptop or computer
  • Connect a FlashDrive or other storage via port USB
  • After the external device is read, then look for the file to be moved
  • Right click on the file and select Copy
  • Open external storage in Explorer
  • Next, right click and select Paste
  • Wait until the data copying process is complete

Flashdrive Safely Remove Feature

The process of transferring files from a laptop or computer to these three storages is also very easy to do where you just need to connect them via the USB port. Then you just need to copy files from internal storage to other storage like FlashDrive up to External SSD

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