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How to Move Data to Samsung Galaxy S23 From Old Device

Gadgetren – Samsung provides many conveniences for those of you who want to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series.

One of them is through the presence of Smart Switch, which allows all data from old devices to be transferred to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series in a very practical process.

So you don’t have to bother spending a long time to move data manually. Starting from photos, videos, contacts, notes, even though settings can be moved. So the Galaxy S23 that you just bought is ready to use immediately.

Interestingly, Smart Switch can be relied upon not only on Android-based devices but also from other operating systems. But of course Smart Switch is the most optimal for transferring data between Galaxy devices.

Before starting the process of moving data to the Galaxy S23 Series, you need download the Smart Switch app from the Google Play Store on both devices so that the process runs smoothly without a hitch.

How to Move Data From Old Device to Samsung Galaxy S23

The Receive Data and Send Data options that appear on the start page need to be adjusted for each device. Receive Data selected on the device that will receive meanwhile Send Data selected on the device to send.

Then for the type of connection provided, you can choose Wireless if you want to transfer data more practically via a wireless network. However, if you want it to be faster and more stable, you can use this type of connection Cable.

Samsung Smart Switch - 7

Samsung usually provides a USB-A to USB-C dongle in the sales package which can be used with a data cable to connect the two devices. But this only applies if both devices provide a USB-C port.

Meanwhile, Smart Switch also provides options for whatever data you want, starting from Everything for all important data then there is also only essential data such as accounts to messages. You can also use options Custom if you want to select one by one in more detail the data to be transferred.

So you can get the same experience as the old device or re-personalize the Galaxy S23 Series like a new device but it already contains a little important data.

Apart from that, Smart Switch can also be used to transfer data from smart watches like the Galaxy Watch. That way, existing data will also be transferred to the Galaxy S23 Series that you just bought, so you don’t have to worry about data discrepancies.

Samsung Smart Switch from Watches

Thanks to the Smart Switch, upgrading to the Galaxy S23 Series is of course even more practical because important data can be transferred immediately with a short processing time. It’s also very easy to use with clear instructions so anyone can do it.

The Galaxy S23 Series that you just bought can then be used immediately as usual and you will immediately feel familiar because important data on the old device is available for you to access.

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