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How to Move Data from Internal to microSD on OPPO HP

Gadgetren – Although OPPO still provides a microSD card slot on its mobile phones, it can only be used to store data such as photos, videos, songs, and documents.

Even the ColorOS system on today’s OPPO phones does not allow application data to be transferred from internal storage to a microSD card.

This is done as a preventive measure so that there are no problems with the system on his cellphone. We all know that the speed of internal storage on OPPO phones, especially UFS 2.0 technology or above, has a much higher speed compared to microSD.

If the application data is transferred to the microSD, of course it will make the ColorOS system load data more slowly which of course will not provide the best possible experience which will actually irritate the user.

But now on some OPPO phones there is already a ROM Expansion feature as a solution that allows internal storage not to fill up quickly because it automatically saves application data directly to the microSD.

How to Move Data to microSD on OPPO Phone

Using the ROM Expansion Feature

  1. Make sure the microSD has been read by the cellphone
  2. Open the app Settings
  3. Enter the menu About device
  4. Select the menu Storage
  5. Then select SD Card
  6. Choose an option Auto save data to SD Card
    OPPO - ROM Expansion - 1
  7. You will be shown which apps can be saved ke microSD
  8. Press toggle until active on the desired application
    OPPO - ROM Expansion - 2

You could say ROM Expansion does not accommodate all applications, but some default applications and social media that have been determined by OPPO that can be moved from internal storage to microSD.

Meanwhile, for media data such as photos or videos that may be saved automatically to the internal, then you can move it manually.

Media Data Like Videos and Photos

  1. Open the app My Files or File Manager
  2. Find the data or folder to copy
  3. Press the button Copy the paper icon is stacked at the bottom
  4. On page Select folderselect SD Card
    OPPO - Storage internal ke microSD - 1
  5. Find and select the folder where the data will be moved
  6. Once in the specified folder, press the button Copy to Here
  7. Wait until the copying process is complete
  8. After all the data is saved, delete the data in the internal storageOPPO - Storage internal ke microSD - 2

Currently, the Android operating system cannot move application data directly from internal storage to microSD so that performance is always stable. However, media data such as documents, videos, photos, and songs can still be moved manually.

In addition, you should also use a microSD with high speed so that the data transfer and loading process can run quickly.

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