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How to Merge 2 Videos into 1 Screen in CapCut

Gadgetren – When making video compilations, sometimes it’s not enough for us to just use one video.

There are videos with certain themes that require more than one video, even up to four to make it a more interesting whole video.

For example, making a video tutorial on driving a manual car. Usually content creators use two videos in the form of one video highlighting the driver and one video highlighting the footrest on the pedal so that the viewer will get clearer visual information than just being told.

So you can also use two videos in one frame for various content on YouTube, TikTok, Snack Video, and Instagram. The size of the frame used can also be adjusted depending on which social media will be the place to upload it.

Starting from the usual 16:9 aspect ratio for YouTube, 9:16 for Instagram Live, 1:1 for Instagram Feed, and many more. To make a video in one frame is not difficult because now we can use various video creation applications on Android and iOS mobile phones.

One of them is by using the CapCut application to make two videos in one frame by using the Overlay feature. You still need to enter two videos in CapCut editing to then merge them. To make it clearer, you can follow the following steps.

How to Merge 2 Videos into 1 Screen in CapCut

  • Enter the CapCut application on your cellphone.
  • Tap the button New project with a sign icon + in a white box.
  • Select the first video.
  • Select the second video.
  • Move the second or first video down by tapping the menu button Edit.  How-to-merge-2-videos-into-1-screen-1
  • Then tap on the button Overlay. How-to-merge-2-videos-into-1-screen-in-CapCut-1
  • Slide the video below parallel to the video above. How-to-merge-2-videos-into-1-screen-in-CapCut-2
  • Adjust the size of the first and second videos so they can be watched comfortably.
  • Also tap on the video first so it can zoom in and out. How-to-merge-2-videos-into-1-screen-in-CapCut-3
  • When finished, tap the up arrow arrow button to start the rendering process into one complete video so it’s ready to be shared on social media.

You can upload two videos on one screen on various social media platforms according to the size of the aspect ratio. It should be noted that in order to get the right video final result, you must enter a video with the same aspect ratio size as well.

If the video entered is different, the size will also adjust to the first video so it will not fit. For example the first video with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 9:16, the resulting video will follow an aspect ratio of 16:9 and vice versa.

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