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How to maximize playing games on the Samsung Galaxy S23 through these features

Gadgetren – The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series as a flagship class smartphone is of course equipped with a very powerful kitchen runway to support all types of activities.

Even at its center is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy which has been further optimized to provide even more agile performance.

Not only that, this chipset can provide captivating visual quality thanks to Ray-Tracing support to produce lighting that looks more real. Apart from that, there is also the Snapdragon Game Post Processing Accelerator which can reproduce better effects.

Therefore, the Galaxy S23 Series will also be very suitable for gamers who like to play mobile games. Even Samsung also provides several features that can be used to enhance the gaming experience.

1. Activate the Pause USB Power Delivery Feature

The Galaxy S23 Series has a new feature called Pause USB Power Delivery which can be accessed through the Game Booster application. This feature has several advantages, one of which is keeping component temperatures from rising high so that the system can provide more stable performance.

As we know, usually when a smartphone is used while charging it will make the battery work harder because the cells in it increase and decrease simultaneously. As a result, increasing the temperature of the components will make the health of the battery quickly decrease and limited chipset performance.

Now if Pause USB Power Delivery is activated, then the system will supply power directly to the chipset without going through the battery first. That way there’s no problem playing games while connected to the charger because the temperature of the Galaxy S23 Series can remain cooler than usual when playing while charging the battery.

It’s just that you need to pay attention, this feature will only be active if the battery has exceeded 20% and the charger used must support Power Delivery such as the 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 charger made by Samsung. The battery will not be charged during the play session.

2. Use Game Plugins

Along with Game Booster, Samsung also presents a feature called Game Plugin which can enhance the gaming experience to make it more fun and comfortable. This feature can be accessed directly from Game Booster with a puzzle-like menu icon and needs to be downloaded the first time you run it.


Game Plugins allow various additional features to be activated in addition to increasing performance through Game Booster Plus. Several features are provided, one of which is Aim Assist to help shoot, Perf Z to enable system indicators to always monitor device performance.

Interestingly, there are also features GIF Creator which can be helpful in creating short snippets during gameplay. So you can capture important moments and fierce battles more easily to then share them on social media.

3. Optimize Performance with Game Booster

Still in the Game Booster application, you can choose the profile options provided in Game optimization. Confirm option Performance already active to provide the best possible performance when playing games. This feature will be very helpful for those of you who often play heavy games with high graphic quality.

But indeed the power used will certainly be higher. Fortunately, you can also activate the Power Saver option to get more battery-efficient performance so you can play longer.

Apart from that, make sure the game you want is already entered Game Launcher although it should have been registered by the system automatically when downloading the game. Later Game Booster will run immediately every time you play a game.

By taking advantage of some of these features as needed, playing games on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series can become even more comfortable. Not only does the performance improve, the device can also last longer if the right features are activated.

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