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How to manually update MIUI to get updates first

Gadgetren – Every year Xiaomi continues to develop the MIUI Android system interface with various improvements and new features to upgrade its devices.

Through the new MIUI interface, Xiaomi usually offers various improvements and fixes. This includes adding new features and support that we may not be able to find in the old version.

Updating the MIUI system interface is fortunately pretty straightforward. Xiaomi because it also offers updates with the system OTA (over-the-air) which can run automatically although in this case it depends on the settings that we provide.

Updates via the dear OTA system are usually distributed in stages. So it’s not necessarily that we can immediately get an update to the latest MIUI system interface even though it has been introduced globally.

To get updates faster, we sometimes need to manually update MIUI. As for one way that can be used to do this can be seen in the following explanation.

How to Update MIUI Manually

  • Visit MIUI Download page
  • Look for a ROM that matches the system version and phone type
  • Tap the button Download Full Version which is found under the related ROM
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Move the ROM file to the phone if needed
  • Go to page Settings
  • Tap About phone
  • Click the menu MIUI VersionCara Update MIUI Manual
  • Tap More options (three dots icon) in the top right corner
  • Select Choose update package
  • Find and select the ROM file that you downloaded earlier
  • Click Update

If option Choose update package has not appeared, then we have to open additional features from the updater menu first. We in this case only need to tap on the MIUI logo until a notification appears “additional update features are on”.

After the notification appears, continue the update by tapping the button More options like the steps above. There should be several options including Choose update package will appear after that.

In addition to using the default system updater for Xiaomi phones, we can also manually update MIUI via TWRP custom recovery or take advantage of the Fastboot feature. But both are quite risky. So I suggest only for those of you who already understand.

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