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How to Manage Sensitive Content on Twitter So That What Can Be Viewed Is Protected

Gadgetren – As a social media that has been around since 2006, Twitter is increasingly loved by its users all over the world until now.

The text-based social media service has also gone through various updates, including introducing the Twitter Blue service.

Until now, there are more and more Twitter users and anyone is free to upload Tweets to threads of news, stories, and information. This content also often contains negative things or presents sensitive and inappropriate information.

However, there are users who are diligent in disclosing sensitive content so that parties Twitter also provides special features so that users themselves can adjust their account settings so that they cannot receive notifications or view content that is labeled sensitive.

Features for managing sensitive content are available on the left navigation bar by tapping the Twitter account profile photo button. From there you can enter the Settings & Support menu to be able to find sensitive content feature options.

How to Manage Sensitive Content on Twitter

By sliding the button to the left on the ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content’ feature, you will no longer receive a warning on a tweet that contains sensitive content. Conversely, if you slide the button to the right and it is blue, you will get a warning when opening a tweet containing sensitive content.

Besides being able to manage sensitive content on Twitter, you can also manage sensitive content for the tweets you make if you really want to upload sensitive content. The method is the same, you have to enter the Settings & Support menu, then go to the Settings and privacy and Privacy and safety menus to find the Your Tweets button.

Next, you slide the button to the right until it turns blue to activate the ‘Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive’ feature. That way followers or other users who see your tweets will receive a notification containing that maybe the upload contains potentially sensitive content.

The viewing user must also confirm whether or not to continue viewing the content. You also need to be careful opening sensitive content on Twitter, including encrypted ones.

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