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How to make WhatsApp scrolling text so that sending messages is more fun

Gadgetren – Sending WhatsApp messages other than in the form of short text can also be through more creative media such as using stickers, photos, and videos.

You can also send messages in the WhatsApp application using Scrolling Text where the message will appear repeatedly like snaking extending down.

The created word can be combined with emoji and form a pattern when scrolled down which will seem to move to make the recipient curious to read it to the end.

Besides aiming to attract the attention of the recipient when reading it, Scrolling Text is also a unique way to joke around. However, it is best not to send it to parents or relatives who are not very close personally because they might even find it annoying.

Therefore, sending WhatsApp messages in the form of Scrolling Text should be done carefully and thought out in advance, such as choosing the words you want to include and choosing recipients who will not be angry with us when sending.

Creating WhatsApp text messages in the form of Scrolling Text cannot be done directly in the WhatsApp application directly. But we have to use a service so that we can easily create messages in the form of Scrolling Text.

How to Make WhatsApp Scrolling Text

Actually there are many sites to create messages in the form of Scrolling Text on WhatsApp. Each site offers a different scrolling text creation. The site above can be said to be the easiest to create Scrolling Text.

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