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How to make WhatsApp messages only tick 1 when received

Gadgetren – WhatsApp has very complete features. Among them we can find a marker function to find out whether a message has been received by the other person or not.

Poured in the form of a double tick, the marker function is of course a very useful feature. In this case, we can at least ensure that the message we send has arrived at the recipient’s hands.

Even so, these markers can sometimes be quite a hassle. Especially if we are on the receiving end and do not want the sender to know that we have received the messages he sent.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many people who want to try to circumvent the function of the marker so that it does not work as it should. So the sender cannot confirm whether the message has been received or not.

The question is, can it be done? The short answer is yes. The problem is that there are several ways that can be used so that WhatsApp messages are checked one or only sent. Those of you who are curious about this can follow the following steps.

How to Make WhatsApp Messages Only Tick 1

Using the Block Feature

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Tap More options (three dots icon)
  • Select Settings
  • Enter the menu Account
    How to make WhatsApp tick 1 - 1
  • Click Privacy
  • Tap Blocked contacts
  • Tap the button Add (Plus icon with a picture of a person) in the top right corner
    How to make WhatsApp tick 1 - 2
  • Click the contact you want to block

Blocking contacts can be one way you can try. By doing this, the message sent to us will only see one tick, alias has been sent but has not yet reached the recipient.

Just keep in mind that contacts blocked from WhatsApp will absolutely not connect with us anymore. In short, the messages they send will not reach our numbers at all.

Using Third Party Apps

The solution so that the one tick message remains but goes to our number can be by using an application from a third party such as Unseen. However, I personally don’t really recommend this because it can be quite dangerous.

Especially for applications that are distributed outside of official channels, other than the Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. Usually quite vulnerable to carry malicious codes ranging from spyware to malware.

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