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How to make WA WhatsApp ringtones, say your own name or someone else’s

Gadgetren – The WhatsApp service is a popular application used for communication because it has complete features.

We can send messages, chat or chat, make phone and video calls, to create community groups.

Apart from that, we can also manage ringtones or ring tones with audio that we can make ourselves. Lately, WhatsApp ringtones with Google voice have been popular with users.

This makes it unique because the ringtones that are commonly used are only audio melodies, but with Google voice ringtones you can arrange sentences as you wish. Plus we can create a specific contact number.

You also don’t need a third-party application that must be installed first but only by using the web which can be accessed directly for free.

How to make WhatsApp ringtones, say the name

Once you know how, you can immediately practice it yourself. You can also create more than one Google voice call ringtone so that it sounds interesting when a call comes in and maybe friends who hear will comment.

If you want to make a Google voice call ringtone, then you can change it for all contacts. However, it can be very inconvenient so it is better for you to choose important contacts that you want to set this name ringtone like work, family or close friends.

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