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How to Make Video Clips Snippets on YouTube to Share on Social Media

Gadgetren – YouTube is a place where people can share and create a variety of useful content to earn money from the content they create.

It provides various features to optimize the content created. One of them is the Clips feature that allows us to make footage from a video or stream.

Creators and viewers can also create Clips on their YouTube account. If you have logged into your respective YouTube account, the Clips feature can be created directly from any YouTube video.

Video clips that are made with a duration of 5 to 60 seconds which aim to provide a brief overview for the viewer to know the summary of the video so that they want to watch it in the full video version with a longer duration.

The created video clips can also be shared on social media, chat applications, email, and other applications. By sharing clips, videos can be easier to watch and allow people to re-share them.

Anyone can make video clips as long as they have a YouTube account as follows.

How to Make a Video Clip Snippet on YouTube

  • Sign in to your YouTube account on your mobile.
  • Look for the YouTube video for which the Clip video will be made in the column search. How-to-make-a-clip-1
  • Tap the selected YouTube video.
  • On the video playback page, tap the button Stone on the menu bar. How-to-make-clip-2
  • Arrange Video clip duration from 5-60 seconds and write clip description to explain the content of the video.How-to-make-clip-3
  • Tap the button Share or Share to share the Clip video. How-to-make-clip-4.

In addition to social media and messaging applications, Video Clips can also be embedded and pasted on various services such as email and others. YouTube also provides a special feature for those who don’t want their Clip content to be taken by other users.

In order to prevent others from creating and sharing video clips on YouTube, you must log into from the desired YouTube account. Then go to Settings and tap the Channel menu button. After that tap the Advanced Settings button and in the Clips section uncheck Allow viewers to take clips of my content.

Not only that, you can also block someone from making your clips from the videos or live streams that you create and then add them to the list of hidden users on your YouTube channel.

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