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How to Make the Latest Moon Phase TikTok Videos with Every Summertime Song Lyrics

The Gadget – Short video service TikTok each time has different content trends. Even content that has been trending for a long time one to two years ago might reappear.

One of them is the Moon Phase video trend, which has recently been circulating on the For You TikTok page.

The Moon Phase itself has actually appeared since last year and this trend is starting to return with a different look than before. That way maybe those of you who have never made a Moon Phase TikTok video don’t know how.

Then what exactly is the Moon Phase? This trend is a video made together with our partners because it displays moon wallpapers that match our and our partners’ birth dates.

Then the video is edited again on the CapCut application so that it can move and unite to form a complete moon. Not only that, the Moon Phase video also has a sound or song that is widely used by users so that it becomes viral.

The latest song used to make the Moon Phase video with the couple recently took the song lyrics from Every Summertime Niki. To make the Moon Phase TikTok video more clear, you can see through the points below.

How to Make Moon Phase Videos on TikTok

Taking Pictures of the Moon from Lunaf

  • Open Google in the browser on the cellphone
  • Type lunaf the moon on plus your date, month and year of birth.
  • Tap the page that appears.
  • On the page, long press on the moon image then select download so that the image is stored in the gallery.
  • Do the same for your partner.

Edit Videos Via CapCut

  • Open the CapCut app and tap New project.
  • In the Stock video menu, tap the option with a black background screen.
  • Select the Format menu and tap the 9:16 aspect ratio.
  • Rotate the black background screen by 90ยบ and adapt it to the format.
  • Select the Overlay menu and tap Add Overlay.
  • Enter a month photo with your date of birth.
  • Add another photo of your partner’s moon and adjust the size of the moon.
  • On the first moon photo, swipe up to the top.
  • Then on the second month’s photo, swipe down until it’s stuck.
  • Return to the start page
  • Add audio.
  • Equalize the duration of the black background screen with the audio.
  • Also match the Overlay duration of the first and second month with the audio.
  • Slide and mark the 12th second in the first 0.
  • Add Key Frame on first month and second month.
  • Then go back to the first month, swipe to the marked 12 seconds and tap the Key Frame button again at 12 seconds.
  • Likewise in the second month, give the Key Frame button at 12 seconds.
  • Then select the Combined menu
  • Tap the filter on the first and second month so that the results of the month will merge.
  • After that add Text and tap on date, month and year of birth
  • Place text near each month
  • Set first and second text duration according to audio or month overlay.
  • Select the Overlay menu again to add the lyrics for Every Summertime Niki.
  • Render and save the Moon Phase video to share on TikTok.

You can also use other lyrics besides Every Summertime Niki like from BTS or NCT. Don’t forget when you upload a Moon Phase video, you can tag your partner to also make it. Many creators have made Moon Phase videos on TikTok, so you can also make them.

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