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How to Make Spotify Links Shorter to Share with Friends

Gadgetren – By having a Spotify account, we can do many activities on it, such as following the singers we like, giving love signs to every song played, and being able to share the songs we like on other social media.

Apart from that, you can also listen to a variety of podcast broadcasts presented by well-known content creators both from within and outside the country.

Follow friends on Spotify also allows us to know the genre of songs they often listen to. Especially if he is a crush or someone we are after.

Spotify accounts can be registered using email or Facebook. If you are connected to Facebook, then friends who use Spotify will also be recommended to follow.

So that friends find out about your Spotify account without having to tell them one by one, you can also share the Spotify account link to social media.

Creating a Spotify link is also very easy where you can do it directly through the Spotify application. But unfortunately the Spotify link to copy the results is too long so it’s not interesting to put on social media or share.

So that the link is concise and doesn’t take up a lot of space, you have to make it short with the help of a third party.

How to Make Spotify Links Shorter

Apart from Spotify, you can shorten the link with to make it look shorter. Interestingly the bitly service can also be used to link important documents from online storage such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and many more.

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