How to make space on Samsung Galaxy without a microSD or erase data


One of the ways to get more out of your phone Samsung galaxy is to increase your storage space so you can store more photos, videos or documents. For this purpose, the Android system that controls the phone offers the possibility of expanding its internal memory by adding a microSD memory card.

add a memory micro SD It is very simple, because it is enough to insert it into the slot or tray that the phone has for this purpose. But if you want to save yourself this step and therefore the expense of some coins, we show you a couple of tricks with which you can generate space extra on your Samsung Galaxy cell phone.

Free up space by dialing a secret code

First go to Settings > device care > Storage and check the available space.

Now, exit this screen and go into the calling app. Then dial the code *#9900#.

Once the menu appears SysDumpclick on the option Delete dumpstate/logcat. Once this light process is done, restart your phone.

Next, return to the screen described in the first step and check that the available space has increased without having to delete any data.

Clear data and cache of apps installed on the phone

This trick is very effective. In addition, its application is very simple and does not entail risks for the operation of the device, since the files that are going to be deleted are not part of the operating system. Rather it is configuration data and temporary files that only serve to speed up the processor’s access to applications. Follow these instructions.

go to Settings > Applications. Click on the name of each application installed on the phone. One at a time.

Then click on the option Storage. On the screen that opens, tap delete data and then tap on To accept.

With this step you will also have cleared the cache of each selected application. Optionally, you can just click on delete cachehowever, the space recovered will be somewhat less.

Once this set of operations is finished, reboot the phone.


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