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How to make italic writing on Instagram IG to make it more aesthetic

Gadgetren – Writing in italics on Instagram is usually done to beautify the user’s profile information which is located above a row of photo posts, reels and videos.

Italic writing on the profile aims to give an aesthetic impression to the biographical information so that it is pleasing to the eye of visitors who stop by.

On Instagram profiles or biographies, we can include information about ourselves. For example information explaining our profession, hobbies, contacts for business, and many more.

Instagram by default it doesn’t present a feature to display italics so we have to take advantage of third party services. Actually there are many character providers for italics that can be applied to Instagram profile pages.

We can get everything online through browser pages starting from,,, and which you are free to choose according to the needs of the italic character you want because each site presents a variety of fonts. different font styles and types.

How to Make Italic Posts on Instagram

Italics in your Instagram account biographical description will also appear. You can also change other types of font characters besides italics such as bold, underline, or fonts with other unique characters such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and many more.

Apart from the third-party sites above, you can also try other text editing sites such as at,,,, and others. You can also look for some that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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