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How To Make Instafest Spotify Festival Which Is More Viral

Gadgetren – Kini service music Spotify e.gCentral is enlivened with the latest trends where we can make music festival posters from the songs we usually listen to on Spotify.

Making the track list does not go directly through the Spotify application but through a third-party application called

Based on songs that we often listen to. will choose which singer you listen to the most. There is no charge to use the application. We only need to enter the main page and log in with the Spotify account that we already have.

After that, Instafest will automatically create a music festival poster from our Spotify account in which there is writing like the name of your music festival poster which can be hidden or shown.

Likewise, the name of your music festival poster can be replaced with another name. In Instafest there is also a basic music score that can appear or disappear on your music festival poster. The lower the score, the more specific your festival poster will be. The list of singers who are often heard at poster festivals can also be timed.

Which includes singers who have been listened to frequently in the last four weeks, the last six months, or any time. Apart from that, you can also choose attractive festival poster designs such as Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk.

Now regarding how to make an Instafest Spotify Festival is very easy and can be shared on other social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

How to Make an Instafest Spotify Festival

Besides, there is actually another third-party application called which allows you to create playlists of songs from our Spotify account. Both and are also similar to Spotify Wrapped in that they are an overview of songs but the difference only appears at the end of the year.

In, we can adjust the time of the singer or song we usually listen to so it might feel more recent. With, we also don’t have to wait until Spotify Wrapped comes at the end of the year.

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