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How to Make a YouTube Playlist So That Content Plays As You Wish

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Gadgetren – YouTube can indeed be the right place for us to spend our free time between busy lives with various content in it which is getting more complete from time to time.

On the video streaming platform, we can now enjoy various kinds of shows that we can choose according to our needs. We can even find everything from entertainment content, podcasts, music, to tips and tricks.

So that we can more easily enjoy various kinds of content in it, Google has even provided this streaming service with a variety of features and support. One of them also allows us to create playlists or playlists.

As is the case with music or video players in general, playlists on the YouTube service can also make it easier for us to collect content that we want to enjoy. So later it can still be as desired even though it is played using the automatic feature.

Creating a YouTube playlist can be done using their mobile app directly. As for those who can’t, you can do it by following the steps below.

How to Make YouTube Playlists on Mobile

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Enter the tab Library
  • Search section Playlists
  • Tap the menu New playlist
  • If it already exists, check the videos that you want to add to the playlist
  • Click button Next
  • Enter the playlist title into the field Title
  • Change Privacy according to the needs
  • Tap Create
    How to Make YouTube Playlists - 1

All playlists that have been created can be accessed via the Library page. Meanwhile, to add a new video to it, you can do it by following these steps.

How to Add Videos to YouTube Playlists on Mobile

  • Find and play the video that you want to add to the playlist
  • Scroll through the menu below the video, then click Save
  • The video will automatically save to the last playlist
  • If you want to change it, click the button Change in the pop-up that appears at the bottom
  • Tick ​​the desired playlist
  • Tap the button Done
    How to Make YouTube Playlists - 2

We can actually create a new playlist by following the steps above. We only need to select the menu New playlist from the window that appears after we tap the button Change.

Apart from using the mobile app, we can also create YouTube playlists directly through their web page with a computer where the steps are more or less the same. Here’s how to do it for those of you who are still confused.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist on the Web

  • Go to page with a browser on the computer
  • Find and play the desired video
  • Tap More options (three dot icon) from the menu below the video
  • Click the menu Save
    How to Make YouTube Playlists - 3
  • Select an option Create new playlist
    How to Make YouTube Playlists - 4
  • Fill in the playlist name into the column Name
  • Change settings Privacy if needed
  • Tap the button Create

To add a video, we can later use the same steps. We only need to select the created playlist after tapping on the menu Save of the content you want to add and then tapping the button Close (ikon x).

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