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How to Make a YouTube Music Recap 2022 So It Can Be Shared on Other Social Media

Gadgetren – At the end of November 2022 yesterday, YouTube Through its official blog, it has announced YouTube Music Recap 2022 which can be accessed by users all over the world, including Indonesia.

Like the previous year, YouTube Music Recap is an annual event created by YouTube to help users celebrate a year-long music listening experience.

The presence of YouTube Music Recap itself competes with Spotify through Spotify Wrapped. Through YouTube Music Recap 2022, users will see personalized lists such as top artist lineups, songs, music videos, playlists, and much more.

You can start your own version of YouTube Music Recap in the YouTube app on mobile for both iOS and Android devices. Specially presented by YouTube at the end of the year, this feature can be accessed via the banner on the YouTube music home page or by searching through the profile menu in the upper right corner and selecting the Your Recap menu.

If you are still confused about making your own version of YouTube Music Recap, the Gadgetren team will provide steps for making YouTube Music Recap 2022 so you can share it on other social media.

How to Make a YouTube Music Recap 2022

  • Enter the YouTube Music application on your mobile.
  • Tap the profile button in the top right corner of the screen. How-to-YouTube-Music-Recap-2022-1
  • Select the menu Your Recap. How-to-YouTube-Music-Recap-2022-2
  • Tap the button Watch Now. How-to-YouTube-Music-Recap-2022-3
  • Look at your YouTube Music Recap categories one by one.
  • Then you can download or share it on other social media accounts.

You see various YouTube Music Recap categories such as top artists, songs, music videos, playlists, and many more. Apart from that, you can also play YouTube Music Recap playlist songs for 2022 which will appear on a special poster.

At the same time, YouTube also reported that it was making YouTube Music Recap 2022 this time more in-depth and personal to its users by providing several new features such as Top Trends, Identity, and Hard-to-Find Content.

In the Top Trends feature, users will see which artists you have found before other users. Meanwhile, Identity on YouTube Music Recap allows you to get personalized music based on your previous listening habits.

Meanwhile, the Hard-to-Find Content feature is a catalog of music content. As a celebration, YouTube also provides remixes and live performances on the content that users like the most this year. Not to forget, YouTube Music Recap 2022 also provides other features where you can connect to Google Photos.

Exclusively on the YouTube Music Recap page, you’ll be presented with some built-in shareable posters that highlight your top songs listened to each season. With this poster you can choose to personalize it by adding your own photos straight from Google Photos so you can mix music and memories together for a nostalgic look during 2022.

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