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How to Make a November Dump on Instagram Story with a Collage of Moments

Gadgetren – Instagram Story was enlivened by uploads in the form of photo collages to welcome December 2022.

Instagram users embed their photo collages as the November Dump which is original feature made by Instagram.

This feature has been around for a long time and now at the end of 2022 many are using this feature so that it has become viral again. November Dump itself is a special place for users to be able to share their moments throughout the month of November.

Users can include photos from their activities that may be memorable or important that have been passed with the aim of sharing these moments with Instagram followers. Apart from making photo collages, users can also upload November Dump in the form of a video which may have been edited beforehand so it will be enjoyable to watch.

To use the November Dump feature, you need to tap November Dump uploads on Instagram Stories that are scattered across the timeline. After that, you will be redirected to the page for uploading Instagram Stories. There you can freely insert photo or video collages that have been edited beforehand.

You can also include songs and other features such as effects and filters so that it looks more attractive to upload to Instagram Story.

How to Make a November Dump Instagram Story

  • Enter the Instagram application on your mobile.
  • Open Instagram Story and search for uploads November Dump.
  • Tap banner November Dump on the account’s Story upload. how-to-november-dump-on-IG-1
  • Upload an edited photo or video collage.
  • Set the position of the November Dump banner.
  • Insert songs, effects, filters and
  • Then upload Instagram Story November Dump. how-to-november-dump-on-IG-3

November Dump can also be summarized in the form of videos that are edited first in CapCut, such as by including lots of photos, interesting songs, and several video transitions. Even the November Dump video also has its own version which is currently being used by many people.

To find out how to make a November Dump video in the CapCut application, you can see tutorials on the internet such as blogs and YouTube. Usually tutorials also appear on TikTok or YouTube Shorts which look shorter and easier to follow.

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