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How to make a name on the Vivo HP lock screen so that there is an identity

Gadgetren – To signify you as the owner a vivo cellphoneyou can write the name on the screen so that people who see it can know it.

Later the name will appear just below the clock when the screen is locked. So it can be seen immediately without having to open the cellphone to enter the home screen.

But surely some of you are curious about how to make a name appear on the Vivo cellphone lock screen. The method is very easy because it can be done directly in the settings menu.

How to Make a Name on the Vivo Mobile Lock Screen

Through Screen Lock Settings

  • Open the app Arrangement on vivo mobile
  • Next, select the menu Screen Key and Wallpaper
  • After that, select an option Lock Screen Settings
  • Select an option Add text on Lock Screen
  • Enter a name you want to display
  • Press the button Too much

So that the text looks clearer when the screen is locked, you need to adjust the wallpaper with a contrasting color so that the text doesn’t blend. But unfortunately this method is not available on all Vivo cellphones.

But now there are many Vivo cellphones that use screens with AMOLED technology which allows you to add text and names to the Always On Display feature.

The Always On Display itself is a display of a cellphone that will always be on even though the screen is rested but with lower energy consumption while still displaying some information such as the date, time, notifications, images, and writing.

Melalui Always On Display

  • Open the app Arrangement on vivo mobile
  • Select the menu Home Screen, Lock Screen and Wallpaper
  • Select an option Appearance Always Light up
  • Press the toggles Appearance Always Light up to the active position
  • Next, choose style Always On Display which has text settings
  • Write no nor text which is desired
  • When finished, press the button apply

Later your name will always appear on the Always On Display feature when the screen is resting. In my own opinion, the Always On Display feature feels informative and effective because it can present some important data without consuming excess battery power.

The AOD feature appears a lot on cellphones with screens with OLED, AMOLED, and Super AMOLED technology because it uses a display that is dominated by black so that only a few pixels light up for battery power efficiency.

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