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How to Make a Moving WhatsApp Profile in GIF Format

Gadgetren – Many think that messaging applications WhatsApp can display the user’s profile photo in the form of a video. This is actually wrong because by default WhatsApp does not present a feature that allows us to upload profile photos in the form of videos.

Circulation of users who can upload videos on WhatsApp profile photos are known to use special tricks. The official WhatsApp application cannot upload videos for profile photos either from the application or via the cellphone gallery.

WhatsApp itself can accept profile photos with still images in JPG, JPEG, PNG formats, and so on. To be like videos, we have to outsmart by uploading GIFs.

With the help of the GIF Maker application, we can make a WhatsApp profile photo appear moving which can be seen by friends or other users. There are various GIF maker applications that can be used for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

Apart from GIF Maker, there are also Video Maker, Video to GIF, GIF Editor, and others. You can try one of these applications to make a moving profile photo on your WhatsApp. But in this tutorial, I will use the GIF Maker application.

How to Make a Moving WhatsApp Profile in GIF Format

  • Install GIF Maker on your cellphone to make moving photos
  • Open the app GIF Maker.
  • Tap the button Video – GIF.
  • Select multiple photos that you want to make a GIF for.
  • Arrange video duration according to taste.
  • Arrange color nor size GIF.
  • After that tap the button OK.
  • Save the GIF with the tap of a button tick in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then go to the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.
  • Tap the button three dots in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp application.
  • Tap the menu button Settings.
  • Tap the button photo WhatsApp profile.
  • Tap the icon button camera.
  • Select a gallery folder.
  • Select the saved GIF to upload to WhatsApp profile.

Please note that there are also users who make WhatsApp profile photos move using the CapCut application. However, this method is just for fun and cannot be applied to the WhatsApp application. This method only relies on video editing so it looks as if the WhatsApp profile can move.

Even though this will not be displayed on the profile photo directly, but only to be exhibited on social media or WhatsApp stories as entertainment or to make other friends curious to follow along with the trend.

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