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How to make a dynamic island on a Xiaomi cellphone to be like the iPhone 14 Pro

Gadgetren – Dynamic Island is one of the newest features in the iPhone 14 Pro series that allows the area around the screen punch hole to change according to the notifications that appear.

Some Android-based mobile phone users also think that the Dynamic Island feature is interesting, so that’s why the virtual world is busy talking about how to present it on various cellphones, including Xiaomi.

However, this is not impossible because an Android application developer named Grace has created an application called Dynamic Island which more or less presents a notification form like the iPhone 14 Pro.

Those of you who want to try it can follow the following easy steps.

How to Create Dynamic Island on Xiaomi

  • Download app Dynamic Island from Google Play Store
  • Open the app after installed
  • On page Dashboard, press the button next to Turn On
  • On the pop-up menu Accessibility, Press the button OK
  • Select the menu Downloaded apps the tab General
  • Press options Dynamic Island
    Dynamic Island - Xiaomi - 1
  • Then press the Dynamic Island button until it reaches active position
  • Back to page Dashboard and select an option Notification
  • Press the button Turn On on page Notification until the position turns on
    Dynamic Island - Xiaomi - 2

After all the features in the Dynamic Island application are activated, an animated notification will automatically appear every time you run a song from Spotify, get Telegram notifications, sound alarms, charge the battery, and more.

If you press the notification that appears, the size of the Dynamic Island will become larger and show more complete information depending on the application that is currently open.

But one thing you need to pay attention to, this application can only look good on Xiaomi phones that have a punch hole in the middle. If the punch hole is on the left or right of the Xiaomi, the Dynamic Island shape changes will not follow its location.

If Dynamic Island is popularly used by many people, it is possible that several technology companies will also implement similar features by default in their latest mobile phones.

Moreover, there are still many animations and functions that can be explored from Dynamic Island to make interactions on mobile phones more interesting.

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