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How to make a complaint to PLN if electricity is interrupted

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Gadgetren – Electrical energy is one of the most important things for life today. We need it from just making lighting to routine activities such as work.

When experiencing interference, then it can be a fairly troublesome problem. Some of us often even need to make a complaint to PLN so that it can be handled immediately and electricity can return to normal.

Fortunately, the PLN company has a complaint service that is easy to use. We can also use it to report various kinds of problems such as power outages, unstable voltages, to other types of disturbances.

The complaint service, which can be called PLN 123, can be accessed in several ways. These include telephone connections, the web, applications, and social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

We can choose which one is considered the easiest to do. You can listen in more detail as follows if you want to know about the steps of each way to make a complaint to PLN.

How to make a complaint to PLN

By Phone

  • Open the phone call panel
  • Type the number (area code) 123
  • Press the button Call
  • Wait for PLN officers to respond
  • Submit a problem
  • Don’t forget to put information such as customer ID if needed

Complaining about interference over the phone is one of the most practical methods. It’s just that you need to remember that the connection will not be free, aka you need credit to do it. Also, don’t forget to change the area code according to your location, for example to (021)123 for Jakarta.

Via the Web

  • Go to page
  • Tap the menu contact center PLN 123
  • Tap Please select chat subject
  • Choose an option Complaint
  • Fill in data such as name, email, phone number, and customer ID
  • Don’t forget to complete the captcha that appears
  • Enter the complaint in the Your message field
  • Tap the button Start Chat
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PLN will generally respond to messages sent. Answer the reply according to the content of the message they provide if needed. For example, regarding breakdown details or other additional information.

Via App

  • Download the PLN Mobile application from Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store
  • Open the app
  • Sign in with phone number or email
  • Or create an account first if you don’t have one
  • On the home page, tap menu Complaint
  • Choose the topic of the complaint according to the problem you are facing
  • Follow the instructions according to the selected complaint topic
    How to Make a PLN Complaint - 2

In the next step, we may need to enter information such as customer ID, KWH meter number, or home address. Enter the data correctly so that interference can be resolved immediately.

Via Social Media

  • Open your own social media service
  • Log in to account @pln_123 in twitter, PLN 123 on Facebook, or pln123_official on Instagram
  • Choose an option Direct Message or Private Message
  • Type the complaint you want to submit
  • Add information such as customer ID, address and phone number
  • Send the message
  • Wait for a response from PLN 123

PLN is one of the companies that is quite active on social media. Even so, we may need to be a little patient while waiting for a response from them because the reports certainly don’t only come from us.

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