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How to Make a Circle Mark on Live Photos from WhatsApp

Gadgetren – Communicating has now become more practical by using messaging application services such as WhatsApp and no longer use pulses but the internet.

We can also carry out various communication activities such as telephone, video calls, and send various types of files such as in the form of audio, photos, videos, and documents.

In the WhatsApp messaging service we can also edit photos to mark images such as giving a circle scribble as a marker of certain information. Circle scribbles are usually also intended so that the recipient can more definitely see which parts are of interest.

Like when sending a photo that has a picture of many people and wants to mention one person in it, the sender will circle it or want to show a certain sentence.

With a variety of existing tools, we can create circles of different sizes and thicknesses. If you want it to be clear, then you should use a pencil size that matches the size of the image.

In addition to the available pencil thickness sizes, we can choose the desired color to make it look attractive and contrast with the back screen of the image.

How to Make Circle Marks on WhatsApp Pictures

You can also undo to restore the image as before without the circle mark if you feel it is wrong. In addition to making circle marks, you can also mark images using directional pointers.

You can also provide text in the form of writing on images with various fonts and sizes that can be adjusted. Then there are also WhatsApp emojis to embed to make it look as attractive as possible.

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